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Platforms & Systems

All therapists have a lot of background work that we do, and sometimes, we have to use different systems to get that work done. I want to make this as easy as possible for my clients, new clients, and myself. To try to help with that, here's information on what platforms and systems I will ask you to engage with, plus links in the logos:

Forest Path
SimplePractice Logo


  • Video meetings

  • Consent forms

  • Sharing documents

  • Session notes

  • Scheduling / Client Portal

Alma Logo


  • Majority of billing (Mentaya the only exception)

  • In-Network Insurance information

  • Superbills

  • Monthly Statements

Mentaya Logo_edited.jpg


  • Out-of-Network Insurance billing

  • Submits superbills for you for small fee

Google Logo


  • HIPAA compliant communication

  • Classroom for COS-P group

  • Meet Videocalls on request

  • Voice app for phone calls

  • Shared documents on request



  • Meetings on request

  • COS-P Groups

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